We have said “hello” to the milling sector with our 240 m2 shop in 1965,

now that we are continuing our production activity with much more modern and comprehensive factory in 30.000 m2 covered and 54.000 m2 open area.

Those who have intimately pursued the first flour mill of MOLINO MEC. AND TRADE COMPANY will remember our preliminary factories.

When we say “hello” firstly, we felt proud of the initial indigenous flour mill


Time has been passed like water, MOLINO COMPANY; has worked, has produced, has grown itself, and here it is, declaring to continue serving to you and to become much bigger company. Something has been changed during this time rapidly, however the only invariable thing is that the marketing strategies of MOLINO COMPANY.



Again, we are working with our successful teamwork, again everybody in MOLINO COMPANY has responsible for quality and satisfying our customers without any changing about the quality understanding, the satisfying of customers and the stable values of MOLINO COMPANY


…As MOLINO, we have faced to a long working interval for preparing our new web-site as you see from that day, which we have abandoned to enter the words into our old web – site’s parts, to nowadays.


The crucial thing for us that it can be looked at the today’s facts and everything customers with our customers’ view point.

We perform our endless thanks to everybody, who has contribute anything for your wills for our beliefs, has aims to share much more things everyday and has taken a stand in our side.