Our long-term targets

We measure the success of our purpose and strategic focus areas using a number of financial and non-financial long-term targets.

These ambitious targets reflect the belief that the use of our biological solutions will have a real and positive impact mainly in Africa and the Middle East.

Our approach to sustainability is reflected in our purpose, strategy and long-term targets.

Our primary objective is a long-term, customer-supplier partnership

Cooperation with future customers starts usually with the analysis of the rheological properties of the current flour, With this data, knowledge of properties of different wheat varieties.

This includes the technical equipment of the flour mill with dosing and laboratory machines, consideration of specifications and customers request to work with concentrated single ingredients or with a few additive compounds.

This often depends on the technical and /or personal equipment of the flour mill.

It is also a pleasure to help furnish our customers facilities with corresponding lab or bakery equipment.

  • Exclusive cooperation

  • Fast responsiveness

  • Direct contacts

  • High quality

  • Rapid shipping possibilities thanks to our location close to

  • Money savings by using cheaper wheat mixes

  • Money savings in pasta production by using soft wheat flour

  • Continuous improvement of existing flour treatment

  • Increased volume of yeast raisen breads

  • Higher yield