We are more than 25 years of experience in both the milling industry and the field of flour treatment, Chemiteczymes is able to offer this service to its customers.

Our aim is to be a reliable partner to the miller.

we works with innovative customers across the Africa and the Middle East, helping them produce more from less, make their products stand out and reduce costs,

We will inspire and excite our customers by delivering more significant innovation, tailored to their local markets, We want to be better at enabling our employees to develop their professional and leadership skills

Our Principals

We provide and supply raw materials, additives & enzymes for natural food products from our Principals

Novozymes Company Uniquely dedicated At Novozymes, we are unique in our dedication to enzymes and microbes. For more than 70years, our work with these biological problem solvers has made a big difference to our shared world.

Molino Turkish producer company