Chemiteczymes aims to raise awareness of the scientific basis of all that is related to the field of food additives and particularly enzymes.

we works with innovative customers across the globe, helping them produce more from less, make their products stand out and reduce costs.

We will inspire and excite our customers by delivering more significant innovation, tailored to their local markets.

We want to be better at enabling our employees to develop their professional & leadership skills.

We Organize Training courses at the headquarters of our company to develop and modernize the technical staff and providing them with everything we have with our clients from the expertise and scientific publications and research related to this industry.

We Provide Technical support in all that is related to wheat and flour products, production lines mills and milling wheat

Our purpose explained

Our purpose is deeply rooted in our heritage. It also looks ahead to what we can achieve together with customers, consumers, governments, academia and others around us in terms of finding the sustainable answers that our world needs, as our CEO explains.