What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts. When one substance needs to be transformed into another, nature uses enzymes to speed up the process. In our stomachs for example, enzymes break down food into tiny particles to be converted into energy.

Our customers use enzymes as catalysts to manufacture a variety of everyday products – like sugar, beer, bread and ethanol. They are also used directly in products such as laundry detergent, where they help remove stains and enable low-temperature washing.

Improving every life, every day

Enzymes in your home aren’t confined to your kitchen.
Take a look at how enzymes improve everyday life 

The perfect fit

An enzyme is a large molecule but only a small part of the molecule is involved in the catalysis of biochemical reactions.

This is called the active site.

The enzyme and substrate fit together like a key in a lock, and only substrates with the right shape are transformed by the enzyme.

This is what makes enzymes specific in their action.

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