Novozymes produces a wide range of industrial enzymes and microorganisms, providing innovative answers to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
The planet’s population is growing, consuming more and putting a strain on natural resources. Novozymes is helping the world address these challenges. Our innovative biological solutions improve industrial manufacturing processes by saving energy, water and raw materials, while reducing waste and emissions, and helping make everyday products more sustainable.

Sustainability is intrinsic to our business

The nature of our technology allows us to offer our customers solutions that optimize their use of raw materials and energy. That makes sustainability an intrinsic part of our business.

48% market share
The world market for industrial enzymes grew 10% to an estimated DKK 25 billion, in 2015. Novozymes remained market leader with a 48% share of the market. Through The BioAg Alliance, we have a leading position in the market for seed inoculants.

Consumers around the world grow increasingly aware of what their foods contain, and manufacturers seek viable and natural alternatives to chemical improvers.

Enzymes are invaluable processing aids for the industry. Novozymes offers flexible, high performing and sustainable solutions that help manufacturers of various baked products adapt to changing markets and to build brands, while increasing production efficiency and ensuring consistent quality and safety.
State-of-the-art bread enzyme portfolio

For increased color and loaf volume – Novozymes Fungamyl®

For loaf volume, crumb texture, appearance and dough handling – Novozymes Panzea®

For stronger dough – Novozymes Lipopan®

For stronger gluten – Novozymes Gluzyme®

For bread freshness – Novozymes Novamyl®

Solutions that keep moistness, freshness and texture in packaged cakes

The packaged cake segment is predicted to grow rapidly over the next years.
Novozymes has consulted over 400 consumers across France and the U.K., which are among those countries that consume the most cake in the world. We asked the sampled consumers to describe in their own words when they believe a cake is fresh.
The top three answers were:
• “Soft” (61%)
• “Moist” (37%)
• “Consumers helped design OptiCake

Based on consumer insights, Novozymes has used its enzyme expertise to develop two new OptiCake solutions. These solutions keep the moistness, softness and texture of industrial cakes during storage for cake improver companies to build new, competitive freshness solutions.In consumer testing, 73% of the respondents preferred a cake made with OptiCake technology over a reference cake without enzymes after two weeks of storage.Tasty” (25%)


Standardizing flour for consistent, quality bread.

Flour correction enzymes such as fungal alpha-amylases help mills and bakery ingredient companies upgrade flour to ensure consistent bread quality.

Key benefits
Standardizes flour with a low cereal alpha-amylase content
Ensures a fine and uniform crumb structure
Increases loaf volume

Our product Fungamyl® enables better control over alpha-amylase activity, increased loaf volume, improved crust color, fine and uniform crumb structure

Fresh thinking for improving freshness.

Enzymes are invaluable processing aids that give a tender texture and improve freshness in bread while containing costs all along the value chain.

Key benefits of our solutions
Provides consumers with higher quality bread with a more tender, moist texture
Reduces the amount of waste bread and/or stale returns in the supply chain
Satisfies the growing demand for sustainable ingredients
Delicious eating experience in packaged bread from day one
A complete freshness solution over time when used in combination with Novamyl® 3D
High quality bread that remains softer and more resilient for longer
Reducing unit costs and number of deliveries required to keep fresh products on the shelf.
Novamyl® 3D
For soft, elastic bread throughout storage
A complete freshness solution over time when used in combination with Novozymes Sensea®

For bigger, better-looking baked goods.

Novozymes’ solutions can help improve the physical appearance of the final baked product, including crust color and crispiness.

Biscuits, crackers, wafers, and cookies require a low-protein, soft-wheat flour that makes it possible to shape and imprint the product accurately. If the gluten is too strong, the biscuit and cracker dough becomes difficult to handle. Gluten weakening enzymatic solutions effectively soften the gluten, ensuring good dough characteristics for high-quality, consistent biscuits and crackers.

Key benefits
Enhance crust color and increase volume
Achieve a shorter baking time
Reduce crust separation and moisture loss in frozen pre- or par-baked product


Reduces baking time and provide desired crust color and crispiness of bread.
Enhances crust color, increases volume, reduces baking time and boosts yeast.
The sustainable solution that efficiently weakens gluten to secure good dough characteristics which results in high-quality, uniform biscuits and crackers that are easy to pack.

In industrial baking, robust, stable dough leads to high-quality baked goods.

Key benefits of our solutions

Improve dough stability and machinability
Increase loaf volume
Enhance crumb structure and bloom

A cost effective solution that improves dough stability and is tolerant toward variations in flour quality.

Gluzyme® Mono 10.000 BG
Bread improvers save money by using this cost-efficient glucose oxidase to strengthen gluten and reduce ingredients like vital wheat gluten and ascorbic acid. Download benefit sheet.

A new generation of xylanase that gives you superior bread volume, appearance and texture. It enables robust performance at very low dosages across flour types, without compromising on quality. Download benefit sheet.

Effectively enhances dough properties such as extensibility and stability. This type of xylanase offers synergistic effects when combined with fungal alpha-amylases.